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Upon the inception of Level 1 Private Security, I knew I wanted to offer services to our clients in areas in which I had years of experience and expertise. The area of service we started with and still offer today are patrol services and special events. I do not believe in trying to provide all things to all people, since we have held to our strengths and will continue to keep our focus on what we know and do best. This allows us to provide an exemplary work product, quality protection and consistent results to our clients. Because we have held to what we know, we have served our clients well, enjoyed great success and continue to grow as a business. Even though both areas of service we offer are different from each other, at times they complement each other.

For the past year we have been working diligently to transform our business from the inside out. We have built a solid infrastructure that allows us to serve our clients better and handle controlled growth. Our priority has always been, and will always be to stay focused on our strengths, grow steady and continue to provide quality service to our clients.

Over the years we have made great lasting relationships with our clients. We look forward with great anticipation to the new relationships that lay ahead.

Crystal Stubblefield


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